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office painting company dallas

Office Painting Company Dallas

Painting an office can be challenging at times when office employees are present during business hours and may not want to deal with paint smell or anything related to paint while they are at work. Do you blame them? We don’t. That is why we The Brazilian Painter Inc. offer after hours services so we can paint while you relax.

office painting company dallas

If you need to get your office painted and need a company that can work with challenging schedules, shifts, security clearance or anything else we can help. Did I mention we are flexible with customer`s needs? Lol

Dallas is a big place with offices all over the place and  if you are looking for a company that will make your office nice and fresh again you have come to the right place.

Here are some of the types of offices that we paint: Law Office, Real State Office, Insurance Office, Dental Office, Medical Office, Business Office, and more.

Don’t see your type of office listed here?

No worries. Fill out the form below and we will return asap.



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How Paint Color Impacts The Interior of Your Home

Choosing to paint or re-paint the interior of your Dallas home can be fun! It’s always a little bit exciting to redecorate and make your home feel new again. But, how do you know which colors to choose?

The Brazilian Painter is here to help. We love to make the rooms in your home pop with color — and we know exactly what colors will look best! Whether you want a calm and relaxing space or a room with higher energy, colors have the ability to change your mood and even your blood pressure! If you’ve been wondering what colors to choose for your living room, kitchen, bedroom, or office, keep reading today’s post to learn more!

Bright Colors

Vibrant shades of green, blue, or even yellow or orange can create an expansive feeling in your room. These colors can bring feelings of happiness and work well in your dining area or kitchen — where you may be spending extra time with your friends or family. Can you imagine walking into a bright yellow kitchen and feeling gloomy? It’s more likely that your mood will be uplifted because of the bright, fun, sunshiney color.

Dark Colors

Darker colors, as you would imagine, have the opposite effect. They can bring down your mood and make the room feel gloomy. In the right room, however, and in the right place, these colors can create a feeling of safety and security. With the right decorative accents, a dark wall can look great in an office or bathroom.

Warm Colors

Using warm colors in your Dallas home can be a great way to increase energy, as they inspire activity. Oranges and yellows are great for your kitchen, dining room, or even your living room. You’ll want to avoid using these colors in rooms meant for relaxation, however, like the bedroom.

Cool Colors

These are the colors you want to use in your bedroom. Cool colors like blue and green promote calm, relaxed feelings. They help you go to bed relaxed and wake up refreshed in the morning. You may also consider painting the ceiling in your bedroom the same color as your walls — a white ceiling can cause trouble when trying to fall asleep.

Colors to Avoid Altogether

While you may think it’s a good idea to paint your kitchen or bedroom a certain color, there are a few things to consider before you make that leap. For example, painting any room red can raise a person’s blood pressure and make people irritable and hostile. It can be used as an accent, but we suggest that you avoid using it as the main color for any room.

Red isn’t the only color that can have a negative effect on your mood. Navy blue tends to inhibit people’s willingness to communicate — so you may want to avoid painting your living room or dining room navy blue.

Choose The Brazilian Painter for Your Next Interior Painting Project!

These days we’re all spending an extra amount of time at home — it’s a great time to decide which rooms could use a makeover! Once you’ve made a list of the rooms that you’d like to paint or repair, give our painting contractors a call at The Brazilian Painter in Dallas. We’ll help you decide which color fits best in every room. Call today!

The Benefits of Choosing Popcorn Removal

As you begin to think about upgrading your home in Dallas, a good starting point may be to remove the popcorn ceiling in your home that is ugly and outdated. Not only is it outdated, but there is a link between asbestos and popcorn ceilings — especially in older homes. Keep your home safe by removing that popcorn ceiling with the experts. The Brazilian Painter offers popcorn ceiling removal as well as other painting services for the residents of Dallas and the surrounding areas. In today’s blog, we’ll cover the benefits of hiring our team for your popcorn removal service.

When you’re ready to begin the process of updating and repainting your home, call the team at The Brazilian Painter to get the job done as quickly and efficiently as possible!

A popcorn ceiling used to be a popular choice for the interior of your home because it easily hid imperfections and deadened noise. However, the look of popcorn ceilings has become outdated, they are difficult to clean, and even more difficult to repair. 

Keep Your Home in Good Shape

Popcorn ceilings get their name from their popcorn or cottage cheese-like appearance. This bumpy look is perfect for hiding imperfections, but it also is likely covering damages that you may not know you have. By removing popcorn ceilings, you can uncover cracks, leak damage, or other defects and make sure that they get repaired as soon as possible. 

The Brazilian Painter is experienced in removing popcorn ceilings in homes in and around Dallas. Call today to learn more about our popcorn removal services if you’re worried that there may be underlying damage!


Popcorn ceilings used to be a popular choice for new homes, but today they have become outdated. Painted walls and/or ceilings are the more popular choice, and paint is applied much more smoothly to a ceiling that has had the popcorn removed.

If you’re looking to update your home by repainting the interior walls and removing your popcorn ceiling, the team at The Brazilian Painter has you covered. Contact us today to get an estimate on your next project.


If you decide to paint your ceiling that has popcorn texture, you can plan on spending nearly double the amount that you would spend painting a smooth ceiling. Painting a popcorn ceiling takes a lot of extra work because you’re covering bumps and texture. With a smooth ceiling, you can paint and repaint and change things up as often as you like because the painting services will not only cost less, but you won’t spend nearly as much money on paint.

Before you begin your interior painting job, be sure to contact The Brailizan Painter to have your popcorn ceilings removed ahead of time.


If you do happen to find those hidden damages in your popcorn ceiling, you must also take into consideration the process of repairing them. It is important to find the cause of the problem so as to avoid reoccurance. After repairing whatever the damages were, you still have to then go in and replace the popcorn ceiling with a patch and texture — but the patch area may not match the rest of your ceiling.

Avoid the hassle by getting rid of your popcorn ceiling altogether. Not only will you be able to easily spot damages or needed repairs, but you’ll be able to fix the damages much more easily than you would with a popcorn ceiling. Contact The Brazilian Painter when you’re ready to get started.

Hire The Brazilian Painter for Your Dallas Painting Services

When you’re ready to begin your popcorn removal process and upgrade the interior of your Dallas home, be sure to contact the team that specializes in painting services and popcorn removal. Our team of experienced contractors will make sure that your home and your belongings are taken care of before beginning the process of removing the texture. Talk to one of our experts today to schedule your appointment!